Site Reference

Incorporation – Aug 2008 till current

  • BCA register
  • Bizsafe level 3

Site reference

Roche (Service contract)

  • Repair leaks on piping / fitting /valves
  • Installation of piping / valves/ fitting/ supporting brackets / and other
    mechanical components
  • Repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment such as replacement of gaskets/ couplings/motor/pump/ access door hinges & etc.
  • Changing of AHU filter holder

Wyeth Nutritionals –Nestle (A&A work)

  • Insulation work for hot/cold piping
  • Sprinkler system repair and alteration work
  • Compress Air supply and return line repair and alteration work
  • DI/RO plant repair and alteration work
  • SS & mild steel platform/skid fabrication
  • Calibration of valves, pressure gauge, relief valve, etc.
  • Double containment pipe for chemical transfer line.

REC (Building work and A&A)

  • Door/ wall stainless steel protection plate
  • Door handle maintenance
  • Drain grating supply and install
  • Machine hook-up & face piping work
  • DI, Process water pipe additional and alteration work
  • Insulation work
  • Ducting work
  • Structure work- SS/ steel ramp, cabinet etc
  • SS tubing installation (Compress Air line)
  • Steam line pipe repair work (leak repair, replacement of steam trap)

GSK (Quality)

  • Building maintenance job (new/replacement of metal grating, civil work, replacement of tiles)
  • Office renovation work
  • Additional and alteration work (PP & PVC pipe work)

AEM Holding

  • Machine hook up work – face piping installation


  • Pilot plant setup (Portable skid include of pumps, panel, tank and piping works)

HG Metal

  • Pipe alteration and repair work
  • Partition work